“Toy Soldiers: Spacemen” is the second game in the Toy Soldiers family, and here we present what will be the overall experience of the new game. The video, above, was recorded on the Android device itself, so you can be sure that the game will have great performance, and we are actively looking to make optimisations, in order to release on lower-end devices.

As with “Toy Soldiers: V2”, Spacemen will be a 3D experience and will incorporate all of the original game’s features, but will also include some new additions to improve on the overall gameplay.

We have been working hard for the last few weeks, fixing bugs and optimising code, in preparation for the release of Spacemen. We wanted to keep the successful mechanics that players have stated they enjoy the most. This includes the three battle modes – Capture the Base, Last Man Standing and Maintain Morale. Campaign mode will also be a major part of Spacemen, along with a set of achievements to keep you engaged, and a set of power-ups to help you along the way.

What we have learned from the comments about “Toy Soldiers: V2” is that the controls are not particularly intuitive and are somewhat difficult to command a soldier. In this light, we have been actively engaged in improving the touch-control mechanisms that we intend to use with Spacemen,

In addition, Toy Soldiers: V2 will receive the above updates and we’ll als oreceive new campaigns and missions. V2 will also receive another graphics update upon its next release.

We’ll be keeping you informed of all the updates about Spacemen, here, on this website, so please pop back every so often to keep up-to-date with the developments.

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