Get it on Google Play“Toy Soldiers: V2” is a strategic war game for Android tablet devices.

There are now two, core game-mechanics in V2.

You can now play missions. In missions, you are tasked with capturing all of the flags in order to advance in the campaign. With a resource management system, you can deploy additional units in order to win. Whatever resources are left, at the end of the game, are converted into Command Points. Command Points can be used to buy Power-ups to help you succeed in later missions.

There is also, the original, match-play where you can put your skills up against multiple AI players. You take turns to try and be the sole winner. There are three match modes that can be played – “Capture the Flag”, “Last Man Standing” and “Maintain Morale”.

In “Capture the Flag” you are the winner of the game when you have captured all of your opponent’s flags. In “Last Man Standing” you win by being the last surviving team in the game. And in “Maintain Morale”, you are the winner when all your opponents have lost of their morale, which is measured by the meter at the top of the game screen.

Outwit your opponents by using terrain features to block their attacks. Use the structures, scattered about the terrain, to hinder your opponents movements. Trees can be used to hinder attacks, by dramatically reducing damage.

NB: Augmented Reality mode has been temporarily disabled, in Toy Soldiers: V2, due to technical issues. We hope to resume normal functioning in a few days.


3D graphics and sound.

Dynamic camera animations.

Resource management.

IAPs and Power-ups.

Play against one, two, three or four AI-opponents.

Choose between three and five soldiers per team.

Get it on Google Play

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