Please note that “Weapons of Mass Destruction” has been discontinued, for the time being, so that we may concentrate our efforts on the Toy Soldiers family of apps. The app description is listed here, purely, for historical purposes.


Weapons of Mass Destruction is a game where players must use the most destructive weapons to deal as much damage to their opponents as they can. The game requires you to master the timing of launching attacks, and defensive measures, in order to be victorious.

The developers have taken the classic missile defence game and turned it into a nail-biting, simultaneously turn-based mechanic, where brains, reactions and wiliness are required in order to conquer opponents.

Weapons of Mass destruction invokes a real sense of excitement and tension, taking the usual measured decision-making process, from classic turn-based games, into a realm where quick-thinking is the key to victory.

To play, select a silo you wish to use to launch an attack against your opponent. Then, tap on the colored grid, to select a target. When you are ready, tap the launch button to initiate the launch. Be cautious, though, as timing is crucial in WMD. Launch too soon, and your attack maybe thwarted by your opponent launching defensive measures. Launching too late will not maximize the amount of damage done by your attack. You have exactly 1 minute in each turn to do as much damage to your opponent as possible.

In WMD, there are three types of warhead that can be chosen – Chemical, Biological and Nuclear. Chemical and biological warheads do nominal damage on impact. However, the gas clouds remaining can do significant damage for the duration of its life. Nuclear warheads on the other hand, deal a massive blow to their targets upon impact, but do little residual damage. Used efficiently, the warhead you choose to deploy can do massive amounts of harm to your opponent.

Remember – WMDs are indiscriminate and will maim both your opponents’ populations and yours. So select a target that is far enough away from your own population.

In WMD, there are three game modes to play. In “Elimination”, a player is removed from the game when they have lost a certain number of population. The one remaining player in the game is the winner. In “Domination”, a player wins by being the first player to kill a certain number of populations. Finally, in “All Out War”, a player wins by doing the most damage to opponents in 10 turns.

WMD is rich in achievements and with leaderboards, players can compare their skills.


3D graphics and sound.

Play the game on any surface using the Augmented Reality Marker.

Particle-effects and sound create an emotionally evocative experience.

Play against one, two, three or four AI-opponents

Weapons of Mass Destruction Frame-Marker

  • Weapons of Mass Destruction


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